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Several exercises children can do in the outdoor play structure to get over procrastination Several exercises children can do in the outdoor play structure to get over procrastination
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It is common weakness of kids to have the habit of procrastination when they are going to do something. Examples are legion, in the holiday, it is not until the mid day will kids get up from the bed; and in schools days, they can't get up on time and would always be late for school even without washing their faces and eating breakfast; as for teenagers, they play computer games until these is only little time left for homework... procrastination is not only the problem among children, but also the problem of adults, once formed, it is hard to break. So it is necessary for kids to get rid of the habit of procrastination since childhood and not let the bad behavior take root in children's life.

To begin with, there are a variety of ways to help people get rid of prostration, for example, people may set up a clock and force himself to do some tasks during the period of time, usually it helps to make people feel motivated to keep moving after the time goes off. Such way works well among adults but not suitable for kids. Children are far from being aware of the necessity to control themselves. One medicine cures a certain disease. The same is true of the method to help kids. As regard to their age and hobbies, I believe doing exercises in the fun outdoor playground would help them to improve themselves and gradually get rid of the habit of procrastinating.

According to a research, exercises will get your blood pumping, once your blood is pumping, you will realize that you are fully wakeful and energetic instead of feeling sleepy and lethargic. Today children are provided with enough things for creation, but lack the passion to do exercises. Children are facing the problem of over-obesity and are suffering from the problem of getting near-sighted. So children are in need of an outdoor play structure which can provide them with enough interesting games and activities so that they can pump up their blood and get more training in their body. And some interesting exercise will draw their attention from their phone and get to move instead of postponing things all the time.

Last but not least, changing a environment makes kids feel something new. Most people feel procrastinate when they are at home, so if they want to be productive, they go to the library or to the working office. Children are living a comfortable life at home, with every thing well prepared by their parents. Therefore they are accustomed to being taken care of by their parents and put off their own things until their parents handle them. So they need an opportunity to stay alone or with their peers so that they can be more independent. And spending time with their partners is a good way to kill the disease if procrastination, because kids don't rely on their peers to do the task for them, instead, they have to deal with task by themselves.

All in all, outdoor playground is a place to nurture diligent kids but not lazy ones.

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